Fayman International Group is a well-known Australian company.

Specializing in meat and seafood, we also provide a wide range of products including pet treats and food, chemicals and compounds, dry goods, fruit products & packaging supplies. We supply at all levels of the market to meet our clients’ demands, from the finest products fit for a king to everyday products that are customary in your market. All our products undergo strenuous testing and certification in accordance with country requirements, and if requested by you our client.

When it comes to Seafood (including sustainable Seafood), we supply everything, from supermarket-ready products, 5-star restaurant quality products to Tuna farmer feed and fisherman’s bait and making sure your favourite pet doesn’t go hungry.

At Fayman, we always welcome new ideas and opportunities – with over 100 years of international and national experience, we can assist in developing new products and ideas.